Saturday, November 15, 2014

Not That Kind of Girl - Lena Dunham

This book was definitely interesting. I requested it at work and had it sitting on my table for weeks. It was due in 3 days and had a lot of holds. Did I want to read this or just return it to avoid the fines? I had heard a little bit of the controversy about her sister before I started reading it. I know how people can misconstrue and take things out of context, so it made me curious.
So.. I read this book in one day, had to block a goodreads user, and was surprised at the "controversy."
I LOVE the show Girls. It's weird, sometimes goes too far, but really addicting. After reading this book, I really want to binge watch the show from the beginning. I feel like SO much of the show makes sense now.
Lena is really about her self. She is so self-involved and so blunt. She constantly makes up lies, puts herself in the worst situations, and sometimes just doesn't care about things. Although, it really shines a light on the things I really found odd about the show. She really has been through some weird things but that's because she's had a weird life. She's got some major OCD, which is hard to live with. It really shines through this book and makes you understand some things about her.
Now, the controversy.. Yes, some of the things are strange BUT I don't think I would call it sexual abuse. All kids are really confused and curious about their reproductive parts. They want to look at each other and figure out what's going on. How many times have you seen this thing on tv? Yet, you don't here people freaking out about that! There's a part in the book where she is talking about having to pursue her sister for a kiss. When you read the couple paragraphs that go with it, it's really taken out of context. She is talking about how her sister is really closed off and not affectionate. She wriggles away from hugs and doesn't really need any contact. She is trying to get her sister to show her affection. Give her a hug or a kiss. Yeah, she explains it with the wrong words. When I heard about the controversy before I read it, they were saying she was talking about all kinds of incest that she forced on her sister. Not the case.
The loss of a goodreads member: She made a review without reading the book. She was just outraged about the controversy and didn't even take the time to read it. I commented on the review and told her to not judge it without reading it. Those sentences were taken out of context. What does she do? Throw a fit at me and tell me to write my own review while reading the book and not spam. Um, since when is a public review comment spam? I'm pretty sure it's for people to share their opinions. Also, how can I review a book when I'm still reading it?!?! Some people just don't think and that makes me mad. It's so unjust to authors these days. They don't take the time to form their own opinions. Just follow the pack. The sad part is that this person is supposed to be an author. YIKES! If you have a problem with an author, don't write a comment in the reviews when you haven't taken the time to read the book.  
Anyways, the book wasn't great but it wasn't bad. It had it's interesting parts and it's weird/boring parts. I feel like I understand her a lot better than before. I think she has a lot of issues that she's had to deal with but this book kind of felt redundant. I felt like I was reading bits of  her show, more than essays about her life. I kind of felt like there was some things that were drawn out and just a bit boring to read. After reading the whole thing, I feel like she was trying to hard. It felt a little forced and not really authentic. I just didn't like this as much as I thought I would.  She has a lot to say and sometimes it's entertaining.  

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