Thursday, September 27, 2012

Zero Day- David Baldacci

Time to read: 2 days

    This was an okay book. It was further down the list on my excitement to read it but I got through the book pretty fast.
   It's another murder mystery, which I have found as a theme. A lot of the books on this list are murder mysteries. Should we be worried that this is what people prefer to read? Ha ha, just kidding.
     Anyways, this book is about an army personal being brought in to figure out who and why this family was murdered. It's a town in the middle of nowhere and what they end up finding out is that they are in the middle of a terrorist attack on the United States. I do have to say, I give props to the author for not making the "love interest" and the investigator, have that cliche ending. So you do get some surprises out of the book. Sometimes I get sick of the same endings for every love story. No offense, but love is not that easy and not everyone finds that one person, the same way, every time.
    So the book was just an okay. It was interesting enough to get me through it. Mostly, because I always have to know the answer to questions. Although, this book wasn't great to the point I couldn't put it down.

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