Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Yes Please - Amy Poehler

I started this book on the 3 hour drive up north, to see our family for Christmas. I got most of the way finished by the time we got to our destination. I finished it this morning. I've read a few celebrity books and I'm usually disappointed. Not with this one.
This is not a "funny" book. There are definitely parts of this book that will make you laugh out loud! What I really like about this book is how brutally honest she is. She opens up about things in her life, not to be funny, but to be honest. She doesn't sugar coat anything. There's a lot in this book for everyone.
I read a few people that had issues with her jumping around with her chapters. She would start one story and then start telling another story, within that story. There are some books that I've been completely lost when they try the same technique. I understand that one memory will bring up others, that relate to what they are trying to say. I think that Amy does a great job going in and out of these other stories. There's some that I've read that will have several stories and then by the time you get back to the original story, you are completely lost.
I love Amy Poehler. I really love her character on Parks and Recreation, Leslie Knope. I felt like when I was reading this book, I kept seeing/hearing Leslie Knope. I think she brings a lot of herself to that character and it makes me appreciate her character more. I loved the insights and tidbits that she shared form SNL and Parks and Recreation. I learned things that I never knew. I really liked her writing style and how she would try to sarcastically make valid points. She didn't become too preachy. There are times when she can take a while to get to her point. She really adds a lot of detail to her stories. So sometimes you can get a little lost in the details.
Overall, I really enjoyed this and I would recommend it to others! She did a great job, even though, she really hated writing this book! haha. Like I said, she's brutally honest.  

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