Friday, February 5, 2016

Review: Deceptive Cadence by Katie Hamstead @Katie_Hamstead @YABoundBookTours

 Okay, I’ve been on a bit of a reading hiatus and just have not been into it. I needed to just read these and get it done to put up my reviews. These books turned into so much more than a deadline. This will be the most random, all over the place review. I just am having the hardest time coming up with how to review these books because they were just so good. I devoured both books in one day. I did absolutely nothing else but read these. So here is the first book…

The premise was so interesting to me but I wasn’t sure how Hamstead was going to pull it off but she nailed it. So in the first book, the emotions hit you from the very beginning. We get Cadence in the hospital after a horrible earthquake that took her husband and child from her. When you go to the morgue with her, you feel what she feels. Hamstead does an AMAZING job making you feel everything in this book. An angel then appears to her, offering her a second chance to save them. Of course, she jumps on this but the catch is that she has to go back into time ten years. Guys, she has to do high school and those horrible teen years all over. No sweat, right?! The thing is she gets to make up for all her regrets and what if’s. All these new changes help her keep her family intact and then open up a path to a new love.

   Oh how I loved James. The way he pursued her for months, never giving up. The way these two loved was just breathtaking. You could feel all the emotions they were having and let me tell you, it could be so intense. The whole time Cadence is just fighting it so hard because she knows; she’s doing this for one reason, to save her husband and daughter. 

   When she finally gives in, it’s just beautiful. I had no idea who I wanted her to end up with. I remembered the beginning and her love and devastation over the loss but James tested that. You have this whole book to completely fall in love with his character.

   Hamstead did an amazing job with the character growth of not only the main characters but all the supporting characters too. Their families were just so much fun. Cadence’s dad was something else too. Man, James really put up with so much to be with her. You really get how much he truly loves her, which makes this so much harder on her and us, as readers.  

   I wasn’t sure how she was going to get all of high school in this book but she did a great job with it. I admit there are times that things are in so much detail, that it kind of drags a bit but I never got bored.  I was always just enthralled with the story and I would look up and an hour was gone. If flowed well and I think that Hamsted has a talent with words. The way she can just make you feel everything and just keep you sucked into the story.

   I enjoyed how every year the Angel would come back and show her the choices she made differently and the two different paths. It was so interesting to see the paths change of those around her. It really makes you think about all the “what ifs” and regrets in your own life. All these small choices make such huge ripples that you would never even think of.

   This book will make you laugh and it will make you cry. It will take you all over the place emotionally and you will not want to wait to read the next book. I recommend having them both on hand, so you don’t have to wait.

I want to thank Katie Hamstead and Bound Book Tours for review copies of this book. It has in no way, influenced my opinions and thoughts on this book.