Friday, January 13, 2012

Water For Elephants- Sara Gruen

Time it took me to read- 2 days

I can say the book is way better than the movie! That is usually the case though when it comes to film adaptations of books. I did enjoy the movie, I own it... but the book is better!
   The book shows a lot more detail to behind the scenes, a lot of what happens before the big blow up on the film with the three main characters. It also gives you more details about how hard life was working for a horrible man. The movie gets a bit into it by just stating a few things, the book shows you a whole lot more of the struggle. There's a large part of the book that does discuss what exactly happens with Jacob, Marlena and August. Especially how Jacob and Marlena's characters grow to love each other. There's a bit more to August's story as well. What I'm a little disappointed about when it comes to the movie, is the short time they spend on after Jacob and Marlena plan to leave. There's a lot more that I think would have been good to throw in the movie, but what do I know.
   Anyways, this was a good read! I'm glad I read it. Sometimes I have a hard time reading the book after I've seen the movie. I don't like knowing the outcome but I heard so much hype about the book, I just had to. Another book on my list is the Help. I've seen the movie but I have heard the book is way better, which I intend to find out! I kind of half to now, it's on the list! :)

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