Friday, November 2, 2012


Well I finished my challenge with two months to spare! How awesome! Not only that now it gives me two months to read 10 books and get to my goal of reading 100 books this year!

   I do have to say that this was something definitely worth the time. It opened up a lot of different worlds to me. There's books that I never would have read on my own, without being "forced" to. At the same time, there are many books that I didn't enjoy. Now, I just no to avoid those authors.. I can't say it was easy though. A few times, I would be stuck in a really boring book or wouldn't want to read a book on my list and wonder, should i give up? But then my lovely husband would say, how would that make you feel though? Then i would just keep on going. I'm so grateful for him because not only did he help me get through it, he would also help me by reading a book first or reading a book with me. This happened twice. Both of them were books that freaked me out because they were pretty dark. By the way, they are on my "avoid author" mental list.

   Now, I decided to write a little bit about each book, just to keep track of how long it took me and whether I liked it or not. The time to read was just a general time frame. For example, day 1 was when i started the book and day 3 was the day i finished it on. Whether i read for an hour on each day, a few hours, or none at all. With work it's pretty impossible to just read straight through a book. Unless it's a smaller book, I can get through those pretty quickly. I am a fast reader though. There are some books I finished in the matter of hours. Those happened on my days off.

   I don't know that I would do this again. The list I had opened up a lot of new authors that will keep me busy for a while. Also, now I just pick a book or two every month from the best sellers list and add it to my "to be read" list. Some of them I already have read. I have found some pretty amazing books out there that are not on my list. I made a list of them (Books not on top 50 post), I have starred the ones that are my favorites so far.

Well that's all for now! Happy Holidays!

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