Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Marriage Plot- Jeffrey Eugenides

Time to read: 1 day

This wasn't really that quick of a read. It was actually a little bit of a tough read. There is a lot of literature in this book! It jumps from character and can become confusing if you are not paying attention. It is basically about two characters, Madeline and Mitchell. It starts off in the present and then will go back in time A LOT. This is how the author tells the story.
    It starts off with Madeline and the day of her graduation, then it goes back from there. It enter-twines her story with Mitchell, who is one of her best friends. He, of course, is in love with her. She doesn't see him that way and ends up sending each of their lives down a different path. It's after the first recession and job outlook is horrible (Sound familiar?!) and they don't know what to do. There is  a ton of literature throughout this book. Madeline is an English major and loves old literature so it's referred too a lot. She ends up in love with a manic-depressed college classmate and her story becomes one crazy roller coaster.
      Mitchell becomes obsessed with religion and all the different religions and their meanings to all the different types of people. So after college he goes to Europe and then India traveling and learning about all different types of religion. So there is A LOT of references to religions and their backgrounds.
     In the end, the story has a pretty crappy ending. I do have to say I was hooked into the plot wondering if Madeline and Mitchell would end up together. Instead, it became a bit hard to get through with all the literature and religious references. Besides that the story was a bit troublesome as well. All in all, it was an okay read. I don't think I would be reading any more by this author. I think I really like this authors style.

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