Friday, October 11, 2013

The Precious Stone Trilogy- Kerstin Gier

Ruby Red

    I decided to read this because the summary seemed really interesting. It's definitely a quicker read. I really got into this book right away. It's pretty different than any of the other young adult books I've read lately.
    Basically, it's about a girl who grows up in this kind of weird secret family. Her cousin has a sheltered life because she's being trained to be the generations time traveler. Turns out, she's not the one and it's her instead. So she's so unprepared and knows nothing of the world because they make sure to keep her out of it. So she gets thrown into this world and everyone is horrible to her and doesn't trust her at all. Of course, there's a love interest and he's pretty mean to her. At the end of the book though, he suddenly has a change of heart and kisses her. Hmm... yeah. The only thing I didn't like was that the whole entire book takes place in the span of a few days. I really liked this book though! I couldn't wait to get the next book and read it,

Sapphire Blue

   This is the second book and it was good but not as good as the first. This book does the same, where it spans over just a short time. This book she is trying to learn more about the world and figure things bout but no one will help her. She is still really mistrusted and has to start figuring things out on her own. She starts to travel back to see her grandpa and see if he can help her figure things out since they are all keeping her out of the loop. I really didn't like the love interest in this book. I didn't like what she did with it. It was so back and forth and for a while I was kind of tired of it. The girl gets annoying at certain points because she's tired of his hot and cold attitude towards her. Although, when she says it has to stop and she is done then it's like out the window once he starts to be affectionate towards her. It's like once he smiles and she's thrown her good judgment out the window. At the end of the book, things come to light that make more sense but I'm still generally confused on what's going on with the rest of the plot. I will definitely be reading the next book when it comes out.

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