Friday, October 11, 2013

The Program- Suzanne Young

 I grabbed this book because the cover caught my interest. I mean what's another young adult book about some kind of epidemic and trying to fix them. Although, this one was a bit different.
   This book is about the love story of Sloane and James. The epidemic in this book is depressions which leads to teen suicide. So all the teens have to act like they have no emotions, all the time. Are you kidding me? These are teens, who by far, show the most emotion of any of us! Anyways, there's a time that all the sudden the suicides of teens increases so they make a Program to fix them. What happens is that if any teen starts to show symptoms of being sick (depressed/sad/mean/unhappy/argumentative/and so on) then they need to be sent to the Program to be fixed. The Program will wipe their memories clean and they wont remember their friends or relationships after they get out. They only remember their families and a little of their lives.Sloane and James are in love and had a common factor, her brother. James and her brother were best friends and that's who they know each other. They hung out all the time just the three of them. Then one day, her brother kills himself. Since they can show any type of serious emotion, they have to keep it in or they will be sent away. So this is where James and Sloane really start to fall for each other. Even though, they were already seeing each other in secret before her brother killed himself.
    Without giving away too much of the plot, something happens to their best friend that starts the unraveling of these two. They end up getting sent to the Program, at different times. So then will they remember each other afterwards? Will love conquer all and they know each other? I really liked this book and I can't wait for the next one to come out!

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