Friday, December 9, 2016

Highly Illogical Behavior by

This book could have been much better, if there was more delving into these characters. My biggest issue is that things are kind of just left open and unanswered. We don’t get any ideas what was going on between Lisa and Clark’s relationship. Why was he acting so aloof? I mean the whole time, the author is basically setting up Clark to be gay. Does he changes his mind at the last minute? Was he trying to trick us by being predictable and then throwing a twist? If he’s not gay, what were the problems between him and Lisa?

 Then take Sol and his anxiety. I kept waiting for the big reveal of why he had such a horrible panic attack in school. I kept thinking that there was some issue with a friend or someone found out about his sexual orientation and wasn’t nice. We don’t really get anything just that it happened. I guess those things can happen but I felt like he kept leading up to something and never got there. 

I didn’t really like Lisa’s character at all. She’s trying to “fix” someone’s psychological problems, for an essay, with no experience at all. At the end, I feel like she still didn’t really learn her lesson. The only characters that I really liked from this book are Sol’s parents. They were great! They added some humor and made this book so much better.

 I just felt really unsatisfied with this book as a whole. It’s a great concept but really bad execution. The ending just felt rushed and really random too. We then didn’t’ get any clarification on any of the big plot issues, just an ending.

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