Saturday, December 17, 2016

Before the Fall by Noah Hawley

I took this book on vacation and I had no idea what it was about. I have an anxiety when it comes to flying. Of course, this book is about a plane crash!! Are you kidding me?! Guess it's my fault, for not seeing what this was about first. haha. 

Anyways, I kept having this book recommended to me but sometimes I'm skeptical. I really liked it. It's so intense that it made my plan ride fast. I just couldn't put it down! You have all these different possibilities and you have no idea, which way the author will take you. 

I really liked the writing. I had a hard time not pulling this back out, right away (after landing). I love how he delves into each of the character's lives and we get more of a background of ALL the characters from this crash. Throughout the rest of the book, we jump from past to present day. I didn't have an issue with this but more about the addition of too many characters later. 

After the fall, aka crash, there are two survivors. Scott ends up saving he and the boys life by swimming to shore. What!! I would have died for sure. I'm terrified of what's in the ocean and I cannot imagine it. It's amazing how he actually makes it to shore, with a boy on his back. As Scott is thrown into the limelight and being pegged a hero, for saving the boys life, all kinds of media comes after him. His life is opened up, while he's trying to stay in hiding. It's amazing how quickly he turns from the hero to the suspect of fowl play. 

Throughout this whole book, I had different conclusions and none of them were right! This book is a decently fast read. The reason I dropped this a star was because once you hit the middle of the book, something is lost and the end is just so-so. I don't particularly like how he introduces the issues with the aunt's life. He introduces too many more characters and it just takes away from plot. It started out so strong, until about half way. The ending was just okay and I was a bit disappointed after I finished. Overall, this is a good book and I liked it! 

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