Friday, January 16, 2015

Crewel- Gennifer Albin

I'm on the fence with this book. I went back and forth between 2.5 and 3 stars. I must admit, my gut felt much better with the 2.5 stars. A new thing I'm trying to do, is wait for the whole series to be finished, before reading it. So I entered the giveaway for the third book, thinking I would never win. Well I did! So... I'm starting from the beginning. This is a different take on the dystopian/fantasy world that I've come across lately.
I was drawn into the story right away. What are her parents trying to hide from her?! Why is she trying to pretend she doesn't have a gift?! I definitely was interested but then I kind of got lost in the middle of the book. 
There's secrets, lies, betrayal and all kinds of good stuff. I still don't know who to trust and what's really going on. This book was all in an alternate universe above Earth. Where there are people controlling everyone else. It kind of reminded me of the Giver. How a select few can control everything about the population. They control who lives, dies, gets certain jobs, how many kids and so on. I really felt like it took from the world The Giver gave.
The main character is supposed to have this amazing gift to weave time. The thing is that she can do it without a loom. So she quickly rises above the others that are "chosen." Although, she really doesn't do much of it at all in this book. I was a bit disappointed in that. I felt like the plot just kind of went in all kinds of directions without any type of formula. I got pretty confused and things started to get slow and boring. I wasn't sure if it was just not interesting or if it's just the writing style. Maybe it's a bit of both.
That being said, the end of the book did make up for some of it because it kept me interested. Things picked up and you got to learn a bit about what was really going on. Although, you don't get much of it. There is a love triangle in this book and it's a tad annoying. I have no idea how it will all work out in the end. Things are really messy and I am really interested to see how Albin will clean it all up.
I have started book two and so far it's been a lot more interesting. There's more going on and a lot of things coming to light. I just hate being in the dark about everything! I usually like it when a book will give me some clarity about something at the end. Just a little bit to make you really get the story to come together. I didn't get much of that from this book. I don't know that I would continue this series, if I did not have the third book to review. I would most likely put this series aside and never think of it again. Since I cannot do that, I'm hoping that the series picks up and gets better!

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