Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Extracted by @Sherry_D_Ficklin & @Tyler_H_Jolley

I want to thank Mary Geis for reaching out to me and introducing me to this series. I also want to thank her and the publisher, Spencer Hill Press for an ebook copy of this book.
When I first looked at this cover, I wasn't sure if I would like this book. It's not usually my type of genre. It seemed a bit steampunk to me. I really have a hard time getting into steampunk for some reason. Maybe I haven't given them a fair chance. Anyways, I'm so happy that I was given the opportunity to read this book because I enjoyed it.
I started this book this morning and I could not put it down. I started an episode of Revenge last night and had 7 minutes to go before I finished it. My husband was ready for bed and so.. I figured I would finish it this morning. Well... I started this book and completely forgot about Revenge! I tried to take a break and watch an episode of one of my shows to catch up. It didn't work at all.
One of the things I love about this book are the amazing characters. They are full of courage and are tough. I really loved Ember. She was a great character, who has a lot of growth. She took care of herself and did what she thought was right, no matter what. Even when she is finding herself and learning about her past, she never forgets who she is. Her love story with Ethan is subtle but powerful. You know right away that he's so in love with her. It's fun to watch her realize how she feels and see how they grow.  Lex was a great character as well and he would do whatever he had to for those he loved. Stein was a great secondary character. She was stubborn and cocky. She is a tough girl and I totally understand why Lex would risk the world for her.
The plot of this book is great. The story moves so quickly and never gets boring. There's a lot of technology lingo but I never felt overwhelmed. I kind of felt like the authors didn't insult my intelligence by explaining every piece to detail. You cannot tell that this book is written by two authors! It's amazing how this book flows so well with the two authors. You don't get lost or confused and it never gets dull or boring. You just have to keep turning the pages. I also loved the two different POV from Lex and Ember. You get to know what's going on with both of these characters even before they know about each other. All the time travel is so interesting and how everything connected and came full circle was impressive. Even more so with two authors! Overall, great book!
I can't wait to read the next two books, which I have thanks to Spencer Hill Press!

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