Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly- Stephanie Oakes



Ahhh.. So my co-worker (Teen librarian) asked me to read this. She has tons of books that she reads and sometimes asks me to help read some. This one sounded interesting enough but it has been sitting on my table for a couple months. I just got my glasses, so I picked it up today and jumped in!

Wow. I have honestly never read anything like this before. Never. I could not put this down. I literally sat at my couch and didn't move for almost 3 hours. This book is fantastic. While reading this book, I kept having flashes of Orange is the New Black. lol Maybe that's all I will think about now with books that take place in prison. Well sorta.

Anyways, Minnow has grown up a bit differently than most. She was forced to move into the wilderness to follow a "Prophet" when she was five years old. She grows up there never quite believing and always questioning. There are some really unfortunate things that happen in this "cult" group. She ends up losing her hands by her own father. It AMAZES me the lengths people will go to, to follow a leader. Who chops off their daughters hands just because the leader says that's what should be done? Don't you need to take a minute and rethink things? I don't think that God would ever condemn this kind of behavior. Not only that but murder is definitely a NO. Anyways, I'm not going to get all religious. Now, let me tell you the reasons I love this book.

I honestly, still don't completely understand why she did what she did to Philip. I have an idea but maybe I'm wrong. It's something that you can just ponder, I guess. The Minnow you see at the beginning of the book is a completely different by the end. The transformation this girl goes through, is outstanding. The way this girl has picked herself up from the horrible things she's had to face is impressive.  Then to rethink everything and even make the decision to take a hold of her own future. To learn how to think for herself.To be thrust into a new world and know nothing. To think that the boy she loves is dead then finds out he isn't. Jude.. oh Jude. How I'm still wondering if he will make it.

I don't know about you but this author had some amazing moments in this book that completely grab you. When Jude is telling Minnow about his mother, when he finds her after she's lost her hands, when they meet face to face when she's in prison and when she sees the doctor one more time before her parole hearing. The way that Stephanie Oakes writes, will completely take a hold of you. They are such powerful moments and they stay with you. It's really a talent.

All the characters in this book are fantastic. I loved them all and I really think that Angel was the perfect person for Minnow. She took her under her wing and watched out for her. Not only that, she taught her how to think for herself. Even Benny, the guard was a great character.

I can go on and on. Really, this is just a great book and you should definitely read it!

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