Thursday, April 28, 2016

Lady Midnight by @Cassandra_Clare


This book. was. amazing. I had this sitting on my counter for 5 weeks! It was due back at the library in 4 days and I decided to pick it up and give it a try before returning it. I have a HUGE love for the Mortal Instruments and the Infernal Devices. I own all the books and will back them up til the day I die. I just love, love this world that Cassandra Clare has made. When I saw that she was making another series, I was worried. How could you not be worried? Is it going to be as good as the previous books?  I am beyond excited to say that this just might be her best one yet.

This book is intimidating, especially for a YA novel. It's a whopping 668 pages, plus and epilogue. It was a huge time commitment, in a time when I'm obsessed with Netflix and Hulu. I know, it's so bad. Anyways, I picked this up and decided to give it a try before returning it to the good ol' library. I usually can tell whether I'm going to enjoy a book between 50-100 pages. I started this book today and finished it today. I could not put it down. Cassandra did it again and spun an amazing story that had me from the beginning.
I honestly think this is her best writing yet. This book felt like it had so much more emotional punch and just captured you into the story. I would be reading and didn't even know two hours had passed! The flow of the story is just packed with adventure and you never, ever get bored. There are so many things going on that you really have to pay attention though. The attention to detail she ads to this story is just amazing. I am completely convinced that she has a thing for forbidden love. I actually really love her take on it, in this series.

The character development in this book is outstanding! I loved how Ty's character is so different and there's so much going on there that makes you see how complex he is. The character growth of all the characters is very well done. By the time that you finish this book, you will love them all. Mark's character has a lot to go through and I love how she didn't rush it. She really made you see the struggle and the growth. It was real and hard. It's hard for me to say because I loved Clary but I think I like Emma much more. She is just pure greatness and you get to see her depth in the first book! This is just the first book! I also like Julian more than Jace or Will. WHAT?! I know.. I don't know if it's due to growth in Cassandra's writing or the story itself. The depth and growth of these characters in this first book alone is so great. She did a beautiful job making them all individuals and real.
I also loved the relationships between most of the characters. There's so much going on and so many people involved but she didn't lose the emotion, tension, love and dedication from all these characters relationships. There's a maturity to this book, I didn't see much of, in the previous books from characters.

I did like to see the little parts where the previous characters were included but I liked how it was just a little. They had their time in the sun and although, I love them, it's time to move on. I appreciated the small instances but so glad that they didn't outshine the main characters in this book.

I'm totally team Julian. There HAS to be a way for this to work, HAS TO BE. There is a loophole or something because love is everything. Especially, the love they have for each other. I'm worried though. I really hope that Clare isn't going to throw in a love triangle again. I detest love triangles. I understand it but hate it. So I'm just getting ready for it.. TEAM JULIAN! lol

I LOVED this book. I went through a lot of emotions with this one. I also didn't waste my day, so that's a MAJOR plus. I highly recommend it and I'm not lying when I say that it's her best written book yet. The story is original, fresh and there's a lot of realness to it. The only thing I didn't like was that it was a bit slow to start off, but hang in there, it's worth it. I did love that most things were wrapped up in the first book, so you aren't completely left hanging, until the next book. Don't get me wrong, there's a larger story that needs explored, but there's a semi-ending. I really cannot wait for the next book! Kudos, Clare. I'm sorry that I doubted you.

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