Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Queen of the Tearling by @Erika_Johansen

I wanted to love this book so bad. I did not love it. It was a lukewarm like. It took me almost a year to finish this book. Yep. It just sat in a stack of books that I needed to read and I could only read a little at a time before I had to stop.
This book had SO much potential but it fell flat for me at many points. Don't get me wrong, I really liked the story. I will most likely read the next book, hoping this was just a rough start. This definitely felt like it was a Game of thrones type of book.
 There are some really graphic instances in this book. One of the things that it reminds me of GOT is the abundance of characters. There are so many characters in this book that I sometimes felt lost and had to backtrack a bit. It could be that it just took me so long to read this.
Regardless, I feel like the story itself was great. I really liked Kelsea and her character. This is one thing the author got right. Kelsea is just a badass. She doesn't put up with anything and can take care of herself. I also loved her because she is a good person, truly. If she saw anything bad happen to anyone, she would do everything in her power to stop it or fix it. That's a great character and someone you want to root for.
Now, this is where this book dropped to just 3 stars.. For one, it is very slow, almost painful. Reasons I just had to walk away so many times. I'm not a quitter and I finally just forced myself to finish it. The last 150+ pages really pick up and drag you back into the story. At some points, the author just over does it on the details. I started to get lost and just feel my eyes glaze over. The last thing that I didn't like.. there are so many holes. I know, it's a series. I just didn't like that everything was introduced and nothing was explained. Especially, since this book was so long. I felt like she had so much detail on the things that didn't matter and not enough about the important things. For example, what happened in the past? What is going on with the stones?
I will most likely read the next book because I need to know all the answers. I'm being a bit more hopeful that it wont be as paintstakingly slow. We will see. I guess, I liked it enough to read the next at somet point.

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