Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Review: Turquoise Green Winter - Carina Bartsch



First, I want to thank Goodreads, First-Reads and the Publisher for providing me a copy of this book. Second, I did not realize that it was translated from German. Third, I did not realize that it was part of a two-part series.
With that being said, it still was horrible. You really don't need to read the first book, because you get the whole story in this one, eventually. This was almost a DNF for me. I have only ONE other DNF and it was a personal book. I really try to finish books that I need to review. I was about 100 pages in and it was a tough call. I did stick with it and finish it but I'm not happy that I did. 
From the beginning, I was completely annoyed with the main characters, Emely and Elyas. They are both SO stupid. Emely's inner monologue, wanted to make me scream.  Her thoughts were so immature. These two are supposed to be in college. They seriously reminded me of a cheesy, pre-teen attempt at romance. I don't know if there was something that was lost in translation? Either way, I was having such a hard time not rolling my eyes.
This book was so predictable. Honestly, these two really caused their own misery. They were so fixated on their own feelings that they missed all the cues. Really, I was confused by Emely, throughout the whole book. She was so self-destructive. She wants to know WHY something happened, but couldn't stand to be in the same room with him. She never let him have a chance to explain himself. I understand that she was upset but come on! Don't get mad and angry because he hasn't provided you with an explanation, when you completely shut him down, when he tries.
Not only was the writing bad but this book took forever! When two days span over 150 pages, there's a problem. This book definitely dragged and I feel like not much happened, at the same time. There was too much of their thought process. I like when you get what is going on inside a characters head. This book has way too much of that and makes it boring.


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