Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Choose Your Own Autobiography- Neil Patrick Harris

I am so glad I finally had the time to read this! I love Neil Patrick Harris! I fell in love with his acting skills on HIMYM. I found this little show when it was showing reruns at 1am in college. I believe it was season 4 when I was caught up and able to watch week to week. I did NOT know that he was gay until my husband told me later! I couldn't believe it. I would not have guessed it at all. This really impressed me and assured my belief that NPH is just an amazing actor.
About the book. I really enjoyed it! He does something different where you do the adventure type reading. He has all these different pages you can jump to depending on "what you want to do/see/read/feel" at the end of each chapter. I tried this for a bit but then I couldn't do it. I had to read from start to finish because I was so worried that I would end up skipping something amazing and not reading a vital line or funny quote. I guess it's just my nature but I can't leave anything unfinished. So I had to just read from page one then straight through. I got a few pages that he did specifically for those of us who did not follow the adventure. No matter what, I loved his alternate endings and deaths. I had to read some of them to my husband we were dying in laughter. I really loved the one about bowling. Fantastic! haha.
Not only is he funny, he is serious too. He can take you from joking around to making you understand what he went through all in the same chapter. He was able to tell his story and not be rude or call people out when dealing with his life. You can feel the love for his family and I bet he is an amazing person to hang out with! He also does this thing where he's telling the story to himself. It's a different and interesting take on how to write this book but I enjoyed it.
You get his entire story from beginning to present. He doesn't try to sway you and make you feel sorry for him. He's blunt and open about so many things. I loved the very beginning when he was introducing his parents.
Overall, I enjoyed this and am glad I picked it up! It was quite Legen..wait for it.. dary!! Legendary :)

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