Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Best of Me- Nicholas Sparks

Time to read- 2 days

Well.. due to the super reading I was doing, I definitely had to take a break. I am now back to my habbit! I have read a few more books off my list. The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks was the first off my list.
    First, I do have to say I usually try to stray from his books because they are always so sad! Don't get me wrong, they are very good but always so sad. A lot of the time heartbreaking! This book was no exception!
I do enjoy his books but I have to be in a mood..When a friend suggests a book by him, I always say, "Who is going to die?" I always start off his books knowing some kind of death is certain. I did get through the book rather quickly! It only took me two days. I could have finished a lot quicker if I did not have life get in the way- haha!

  Anyways, I have mixed feelings about this book. He's had better. It starts off with a teen couple who has to whether being from different classes. He was from the wrong side of the "tracks". He also had a troubled up-bringing. He ends up living with a guy who is seen as "crazy" by the town. Anyways, there's a fork in the road when she has to decide to give up college to be with him or give him up. He ends it for her because he doesn't want to take that away from her. It kind of reminded me a lot of the Notebook type of story. Being split apart and then re-uniting later. Although, in this book it has a much different ending. Anyways, the guy who takes him in, Tuck, ends up dying. He has specific instructions about how they are to arrange things with his death. They both come back to town and end up realizing they still love each other. She has a husband and children though and in the end decides her responsibilites are what matters. She goes home to find out her son and husband have been in a car accident. I then realize what is going to happen. She ends up losing dawson (first love) and he ends up saving her sons life by being a heart donor.
It's a good book but it just seemed a little predictable and I feel like I've read the story before somewhere else. It's a good read just not great... Like I said, mixed feelings!

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