Tuesday, October 16, 2012

V is for Vengeance- Sue Grafton

Time to read: 4 1/2 hours

I have to say, I'm almost to the end of this challenge, which has made me antsy. I can't wait to be finished so I can read the hundreds of books on my to be read list! Books I want to read and not HAVE to read. So I was pleasantly surprised when I turned out to like this book.

    It was definitely a very fast read. I'm pretty sure I read most of this during the car rides to and from Columbus and our parents house this weekend. The book is based on a series about a Private Investigator and all her cases. Then it will switch to a different character every so many chapters and back the the PI. Although, there's a web of characters and they all have different stories and then in the end they all end up being a part of the big case in the end. It's actually pretty cool the way they all end up coming together. It makes for a very interesting read and the fun of trying to figure out the mystery of it all.

   So if you are looking for a good mystery, this is one series to read. I will not be reading the rest in the series any time soon just because I have SO many other books I can't wait to read right now. But in the future, I will be adding these to my to be read list.

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