Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Inheritance- Christopher Paolini

Time to read: 6 days

I wasn't expecting this book to be so large! I really had a hard time getting into the story. I think mostly it's because I was reading a book that was 4th in the series without reading any of the others. I had seen the Eragon movie but you know how that goes.. the movies are never true to the books.
    So I was thrown into this story not knowing who all the characters where and what they meant. So it was pretty hard to get into. I think it took half way through the book to finally get into the story. I do have to say it snuck up on me and I became pretty interested in the actual plot of the book. It took a while to stop taking me back into all the past books but when the book finally started with it's own plot, it was pretty good. I do have to say the end wasn't as predictable as I thought it was going to be, which is good. I will not be reading any other of the books in the series. Although, I enjoyed a small portion of this book, I just didn't really care for the writing style from the author. I'm pretty sure I would have a hard time getting into all the other books as well.

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