Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What the Night Knows- Dean Koontz

Time to read: 3 weeks

 When I first started this book, I had no idea it would take this long or what I was in for. I didn't really think I could get through it. I'm not really into paranormal-evil spirit type stuff. This book has all that and is pretty graphic when talking about the murders and intent of the
"evil" spirit.

    So if it wasn't for my AMAZING husband, I would have failed my challenge! This is the second time he has come to my rescue. He decided we should read it together. So that's what we have been doing. We have been reading together on certain nights (when we have free time together) out loud. This helped me get through this story.
   Now, to talk about how I liked this book... I REALLY disliked it! Not only was it not my taste but the descriptions of the "evil" spirits way to kill people was really groutesque. Another thing I really disliked about this book was the authors use of big words. I mean some words WE had no idea what he meant, so had to look them up. My husband is SUPER smart so if it stumps him, it's pretty out there.
     Now with the use of the big words, I mean this story had 3 kids in the book.. All 14 and under and they were the ones using these big words. I mean really, an 8 year old and 11 year old will not know these words, and then use them correctly!! He makes it conflicting because these kids are supposed to be really intelligent but then at the same time, he makes the 11 year old really stupid and dense when it comes to the plot. I don't know... It just didn't flow character wise. The 14 year old boy was another matter. Just about every sentence he used "dumbass" "stupid" "freakin" and any other way he could use "ass." I mean he just sounded pretty lame. It was very annoying!
     So I really didn't like this book! Or... It's just not my cup of tea!

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