Thursday, September 5, 2013

Life After Life- Kate Atkinson

This book was recommended to me by a few patrons at the library and it was just getting raves all over the place. I was definitely intrigued. At first, I was totally immersed in the story and really couldn't stop reading. Then things started to get really repetitive. It was almost like the movie the Butterfly Effect. I will say that how one decision or act could totally change the outcome of life, was amazing to see. This girl just kept dying and coming back to life and having to fix all these decisions that had horrible consequences. The weird part is that she didn't really know she was coming back it all just felt like deja vu and she had "feelings." I think it would have been more interesting if she actually knew what was going on. Anyways, it was interesting to see all the different lives she had and all the decisions she made and had to change in the next life. Somehow though, I feel like there's just so much she could do and things wouldn't really end up happily ever after. There's always one thing that would be averted to have another disaster take place. I think that when you change the way the things are going it can change into a bigger mess. I feel like this book would be something of my worst nightmares. To be stuck living a life over and over again. It just would feel tiring and really annoying. Overall, the concept was interesting but the book wasn't actually that enjoyable to me.

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