Thursday, September 5, 2013

Silver Star- Jeanette Walls

I was really excited about this book since I really enjoyed The Glass Castle. I have to say, I was disappointed.

It's about a girl, her sister and pretty much non-existent mother. She's always away leaving them alone for extended periods of time trying to make it big and be the next "Star." She's older and really it's a pipe dream that she just can't let go. So the girls end up alone and once people start to get suspicious they take off to their moms hometown, which she hates. They show up on their Uncle's doorstep and then this is where the story kind of stalls a bit. Up to this point the book moves pretty fast. Then events kind of happen and the rest of the book is about the younger sister being fixated on revenge and getting the bad guy caught. It gets a little weird though.

    It started off so well and then it just kind of dropped off into boring and weird. It didn't just stop there because then it just turned into confusing. I feel like the beginning of this book and the ending of this book were to two different stories. During the middle of this story it pretty much drags and gets boring. Even thought the middle is a bit boring, it's still a quick read. It's a smaller book so it shouldn't take long to get through. I read it in one sitting. I will probably give her next book a try and it will decide whether or not I'm going to continue reading her books.

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