Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Crazy Rich Asians- Kevin Kwan

Time to read: 6 hours (over two days)

     This is another book that was recommended from my Entertainment Weekly magazine. I loved this book! It's really funny and intriguing. I thought this book was just going to be another one of those books where the rich guy meets the girl, they fall in love, family hates girl, they overcome it and live happily ever after. Well that kind of happens.. but with so much more!

   This book really takes you into a whole other culture. It shows you what their customs and traditions are and how much they are similar/differ from other rich people. This book really takes you on the journey of so many other characters besides the main two. It's basically about his family and all their drama and how they react to a girl that is not from a "proper rich background." They go to Singapore for his best friends wedding and that's when it all just goes crazy. Every reason they can find to hate this poor girl, they do. Most of it has to do with her status and her background. She's from "mainland China" which apparently is a no-no. She ends up finding things out about her own life that her mother lied to her about. Basically, they have to go through all these events and try to stay together, which is a pretty hard thing to do. I was just so fascinated with this book.

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