Tuesday, July 2, 2013

He's Gone- Deb Caletti

    I grabbed this book from the shelf at the library because I saw it was new and the cover intrigued me. I read what it was about and was like, sure I'll go for it. Well, I'm glad I did. I've recommended it to a few people since and they have liked it as well.
    It's about a married couple who are having a few problems. They get into an argument one night and she ends up drinking a little too much and combining it with a pill. When she wakes up in the morning she has mud on her feet and her husband is nowhere in sight. She's still angry with him so she ends up doing some chores and waiting for him to come home because she thinks he's out blowing off steam. Well Sunday night comes and nothing. He wont answer his phone and she can't find him anywhere but his car is still parked in it's spot. Monday morning she decides to go report him missing and that's when all chaos starts to happen. Throughout the book they can't figure out what's going on and she starts to wonder if maybe she had a hand in his disappearance. You start to wonder yourself if she did or not... I'm not going to say more because I don't want to give it away but I really enjoyed this book. So have the others that I recommended it too.

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