Thursday, July 25, 2013

Partials- Dan Wells

   I've had this book checked out several times in print and e-book. Every time I had to return/renew it without reading it. After months of this, I finally decided to take the plunge this week. I mean it was getting some pretty great reviews and it seemed to fly through the library. It is definitely a quick read, most teen books are these days. I am now not surprised why it has sat on my ottoman so long.
     It's basically a story about the human race being almost extinct after a war with the Partials, which are engineered to look identical as people. There's only tens of thousands of people left because of an RM virus. No babies are surviving because they die straight out of the womb and if not only hours later. They keep dropping the laws that make women/girls forced to become pregnant and have children. Now they are dropping the age down to 16 and it is mandatory to become pregnant before two months is up. Kira, who is 16 is a medic in training and she's tired of seeing these babies die. She takes it upon her self that she will find the immunity/cure to RM. She then decides that everything has been studied but an actual Partial. So she gets her friends to go on a mission to capture a partial to study it for the cure to RM.
      I don't want to give anything away but I have to say it was kind of a boring read. I think it was more with the authors writing style then the actual story. I just didn't really care for it. It was a quick read that kind of felt like it dragged. It just didn't capture me and I decided to return the second book because I wouldn't be reading it. Who knows, maybe it gets better with the second book but I really didn't want to chance it since there are so many other books I can't wait to read.

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