Thursday, July 25, 2013

Matched- Crossed- Reached by Ally Condie


 I really liked this book. I bought it because the cover was pretty and ended up liking the story itself. I felt like the series had great potential. I mean who can't resist a triangle love story? This book is about a girl who goes to her "matching" banquet so they can reveal who her match is going to be. When they end up showing her the match, it skips out for a second and it flashes the face of someone else. Now she's all confused and over the course of the book she ends up falling in love with him. The catch is that he's not a part of the "real" society and more like an outcast. He ends up getting taken away and then she goes on a mission to find him. That's where this book ends. Overall, I really liked this first book and was excited to see where the author went with the series.

   I remember checking this out from the library at one point and then becoming stuck in the story. I just wasn't too excited about it. Well over the last month I decided it was time to finish up this series. Well I was really confused at first and this book just didn't go in the direction I thought it could go. It really fell flat for me. I don't know if it's because of the writing or the story in general. I just feel like the whole book is one long search party and it kind of takes on a whole new theme. It's probably just me but I really didn't care for this book much. Like really, you can pretty much read this book out of order and you wouldn't be lost. I just felt like it was a completely different story. Then we get to the next book..

    Now I was already two books into this series and I didn't care for the second. So why, do you ask, would I read the last one?? Well to finish off the loose end. I mean, I already invested enough time, I might as well have seen if she redeemed herself in the last book. NOPE. I felt like this book was completely a whole different world and theme than the other two. This book alone was all about a PLAGUE. The whole entire book was about trying to find a cure to this plague and I just felt like she was reaching for straws to get three books out of this series. Lets just say the interest and excitement for the first book totally wore off. I'm a little annoyed that I read this whole series. I just feel like the story did not flow from one book to the other. I mean they are like three stand alone books, really. Besides the fact that some of the "love story" continues throughout, I just didn't these books being in one series. I know they are very popular and I'm wondering why. I just didn't like them.

    I'm so glad I only ended up purchasing the first book! I almost caved because I didn't want to wait for the library wait list for these books and almost spent a lot of money. So grateful I didn't now! Ugh. Oh well, this is just another case of quantity before quality.

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