Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Storm Siren by Mary Weber


I want to thank Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with a copy of this book.
The very first things I'd like to talk about is THAT ending. Yikes! I was completely surprised by that and still can't believe Weber went there. I do have to say, as crazy as this sounds, it's refreshing. Most YA books have become pretty predictable lately and so it's nice when a book surprises you. I do think that because of the world we are in, it wont be the actual ending we think. With that being said, it would be pretty disappointing to me. If you are going to go there then stay there. I was hoping that it would be a stand alone book. When I saw that it was a trilogy, I became more convinced of my theory.
I did have a hard time getting into this book because he language was a little irritating. I'm assuming that she's using creative words as swear words? So if you are reading this in our language, it would be full of swear words. It just seemed a bit too much. The story also takes a while to actually grab ahold of you. It really took at least half the book for me to be totally immersed into the plot.
After I got into the story, the rest of the book went rather quickly. I really liked the characters. Nym is trying to deal with her gift/curse throughout the book. She is consumed by grief of the past and refuses to let it go. What she doesn't realize is that is what's holding her back from controlling her elemental gift. She is being used as a pawn in a war of generations. Although, it seems that her new owner is helping her, she's really using her for her own reasons. I think that the tension between Nym and Eogan. I also really loved Colin. He was fun and added something to the book. What ends up happening, really shows character growth. It was great to see.
Something that failed miserably for me, was the fact that the world they were in was never developed. Same with the whole Elemental aspect. There were no introductions on what they could do or what it really was. Every author takes their own spin on things, I never really got Weber's. There were these two people fighting each other but no background. There just was no development of these things and they are really important to this story.

Overall, it was just an okay book for me. There were a lot of reviews loving this book but it didn't do that for me. There was some great potential but a slow moving plot and not enough detail about what's really going on.


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