Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Book of Life- Deborah Harkness

 Wow, I am so disappointed in this book. I was expecting so much more than what I got. It did take her a long time to write this last book and I figured it was going to be great. It took me forever to get through this book. I just had a hard time getting into the story and had to actually force myself to read 50 pages a night. I never once got caught up in the story and felt like I had to stay up later to read more. 

There was so much "fluff" in this book. It could have been half the size and it would have been better. Her pregnancy just dragged on and there were so many things that happened, unnecessarily. There are so many characters in this book but you don't really get much of their story. You just get overwhelmed with all these names and no real character development.

 I loved the first two books. I thought they were great and just full of so much twists and turns. I was never bored and there wasn't a dull moment. I felt like this book, was just so boring.

I was becoming really irritated by Diana and Matthew. Really? We get that you love each other but the obsessiveness was getting old. I don't need to know that every time you look at each other, it's all consuming. It started to feel corny and forced. Did she not have anything else to say about these characters? There really wasn't much going on throughout this whole book until the last 50 pages. Benjamin is the enemy of this book but he really was in the background. He is seriously the least involved "villain" I've seen in a while.

The ending... oh it was bad. There are so many loose ends, it's crazy. I couldn't even keep track. All these characters that have no ending whatsoever. Phillip coming back and telling her that her work is far from done? Giving back the arrow? Does this mean there's another book? Did she leave it open on purpose? Not to mention, Gallowglass. He's one of the most entertaining characters and he's just .. lost. I felt like there were so many things left undone. Frustration.

 The sad part is that I've recommended the first two books to so many people, I feel bad. I really wouldn't want them to waste their time with this "ending."

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