Tuesday, August 7, 2012

11/22/63- Stephen King

Time to read: 8 days

This is my first Stephen King book. I understand why he is such a popular author but he's not for me. This book was one on my list of "not too excited to read." It did take me a bit longer to get through but it was a HUGE book!
    The plot for this book is pretty much great. It was really a great story and I rather enjoyed it. It's about a man who comes upon a place he can time travel back to the same date every time, September 9, 1958. The guy (AL) who shares this time portal wants him to finish what he cannot (he's dying) and keep from Kennedy being assassinated. Al feels if he was not assassinated the world would be in a much better place. He decides to do this and while doing so he takes it upon himself to save the lives of some in his current world. He has to live in this world until he is sure of how to stop the assassination of Kennedy. The thing is, a few years before he is to stop the killing, he ends up in a town and ends up falling in love with a girl and the town. He ends up sharing what he is there to do with her and she tries to help him when the time comes to stop the assassination and ends up being killed. He goes back to 2011 to save her (reset time) and finds it has become a much worse place. I dont want to ruin the ending so that's all I'm going to say!
       In result, the story is great and interesting but the part I dont like is King's style. He DRAGS everything out so much. He has so much detail that it makes the story hard to follow. How can a book have too much detail? Well he managaes it and that is my problem with his book. Maybe I'm just too impatient! hah!

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