Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Game of Thrones- George R.R. Martin

Time to read: 6 days

Game of Thrones

I'm not going to lie, when i saw this on my list, i was not excited. I just think this was more my husbands type of book, which I'm not really into. Well, I was pleasantly surprised. This book does something a little different than most. Each chapter is about one of the characters in the book. There are several characters in this book but you get to glimpse into the thoughts and actions of all the main characters which is awesome. When something happens it always has a way of connecting with the characters that are in the book. Even if they are on opposite sides and so on.
   The only reason it took 6 days to get through this book, besides the length and font size, was that I had many things going on this week that wouldn't allow me to read. I was sucked into the world though. It's so complicated and such a beautiful tale. There are some pretty explicit things that happen from sex to death. He does add a lot of detail to his books and sometimes it can be a little much, therefore takes longer to get through.
   I am really excited for the next book, which is on my list! I'm waiting though because i went ahead and purchased them since I will want to read the whole series and so does my husband! This was a great read and I'm glad because the next one would be awful to get through if not! :)

Time to read: 3 days

A Clash of Kings

   I was sucked into this book, just like the first! I will say this was a big book. 969 pages of small print is a lot to get through! This book continues pretty much exactly where the first book ends. I just love how there are so many characters and plots to this book. At times you think it becomes overwhelming but then it just all clicks.  It amazes me how everyone has their own agenda and the way they plot to make them seem on one side but then really only being on their own. My favorite character so far is of a nine year old girl named Arya. She has her own point of view throughout the books. I'm excited to see where her story goes. I will say, there are so many deaths. I'm a little worried none of these characters will actually make it all the way through the series. I was actually surprised by the fact that the end of this book had a surprised ending! It was pretty exciting though because now the plot thickens... haha :-)

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