Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Stieg Larsson Millennium Series

Time to read all three: a little over a week

I loved this series!  I can say I ended up reading this whole series in a little over a week. That's fast for how lenghty these books are! The story is kind of out there, there are some things that are pretty graphic but really it's quite minor. I know most people have seen the movie, which is good but not the same. As the story goes when it comes to movies from books.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
    I will say though, the first 150ish pages of this book were brutal to get through. It was just so boring and so much random information it seemed. Once you passed this part of the book the story became way more interesting and so hard to put down. It opens up a whole can of worms that will come out throughout the series. Besides the opening of the book, it was a great read. It captures you into the story that you don't want to end!

The Girl Who Played with Fire
     This was my favorite book! It's so packed full of technology and turns that keep you fascinated. It really will make you fall in love with the main character, Lisbeth. I remember being through this book so quick and just going to buy the third so i could keep going in the matter of hours.

The girl who kicked the hornest Nest
    This was an amazing ending to the series! It starts off making  you wonder how in the world this girl is going to make it and she again proves how amazing she is. She is kept isolated and still she ends up doing things that save her life and you just wonder in amazement. I'm so glad I read these books because they are just amazing!

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