Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Infernal Devices- Cassandra Clare

Time to read: 3  days

I have to say, when I saw these on the list, I was so excited! I LOVE Cassandra Clare. She is the author of the Mortal Instruments, which are just about my favorite series! I had wanted to start the Infernal Devices but never had the time. So when I saw the two books in the series on my list, I was stoked. Like the MI series, I love this series as well.

The series is a prequel to the MI series but it's not neccessary to read one before the other. You will have no problem following either series without the other and vice versa.

Clockwork Angel
This book is so thrilling! I love how it's so much more different than the MI series because it's way before the time and they are fighting a whole different war. There are many of the main (older) characters from the MI series in this series. They, of course, are younger and have so much more backstory in this book. I love how it connects the books in this one way. Although, the MI series is more of an Angel-vs- Demon war and this book is more a shadow hunter vs. mechanical (ie. robot) war.

Clockwork Prince
This book carries on the story as the previous book but now you just completely love the characters so much more. They are still fighting this war and in the end there's a huge twist that you just don't know if you should be sad or just plain in awe of how the last book (Clockwork Princess, not out yet) is going to be so amazing. She sets up for some pretty great things to happen and I can't wait to read it! March woot woot!!

I may be a little biased since I'm such a HUGE fan of the MI series but I do have to say she does out-do herself with this prequel. I really enjoyed these books just as much as the MI series and I was a little worried about how she was going to do this. Also, with any author you get nervous when a movie is coming from the books and wonder if they are just doing so for the money.. but i can say, it is not the case with these books. Loved them!!!

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