Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hunger Games Trilogy- Suzanne Collins

Total time to read: 6 Days

To be fair, I already had read these books. With the movie coming out, it made me want to re-read them and so I did. I fell in love with these books at least 6 months before I started my challenge. They are really great reads and I know they are a weird concept but it's totally worth giving it a chance. I promise, you'll love them!

Hunger Games
    The first book is packed of SO much information. I will say it is a lot different than the actual movie (better too). It gives you so much background information that you will need throughout the series. It gets you so hooked from the start.

Catching Fire
   This book was my favorite of the three. It has so much going on but the story is just thrilling. You go back to the games and this time the games are much worse. Catniss and Peeta's characters become so much closer in this book too.

    This was my least favorite. Although, the ending is satisfactory, the book itself is a little disappointing. The book carries you through all these major events so fast. The ending just happens out of nowhere and SO much happens that you really miss out on. At one point, she wakes up and we are so far into the future with a whole different ruler and so on... It just all feels too rushed for me. The ending works but the way the author gets there is not so great.

Overall, I loved these books just like the rest of America. The story just pulls in from the beginning and you don't want to let go. The movie is also really good! Books are always better than movies though.

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