Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Confession- John Grisham

Days to read: 3

  I'm not really into books or movies that are all about law cases and litigation. I do have to say, this book was so good. It's about a man who kidnaps, rapes and murders a high school cheerleader. The authorities are convinced her boyfriend the high school football captain is guilty. With no other evidence, he is tried and found guilty and given the death penalty. The guy who actually did it find it amusing that the authorities think they are so amazing for finding the murderer when they are wrong. Nine years pass and they are one week from the execution. The actual guy who is guilty is about to die and decides to do the right thing and confess. They do not want to believe him and he finally has to work had to convince them and tell them where, what and when everything happened, leading them to the evidence. The whole time you are trying to figure out whether they will have enough time to beat the execution of an innocent man. It's got some grey areas but really it's an interesting read.

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