Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Tiger's Wife- Tea Obreht

Time to read: 2

Hmm... I'm not quite sure what to say. This book was weirdly interesting? I have to say, I had a hard time following. I was even more shocked to learn the author of this book is younger than I am!
    Anyways, this book is about a girl who is telling stories about her grandfather's life and the stories he's told her. The stories he is tells her, end up coming to life in her actual life. Her grandfather dies and she is on a mission to give free medicine to orphaned children. Her grandmother is convinced that she knew of his disease, which she did, and is mad at her for not telling her. There are little instances during her story that she is reminded of her grandfather and then will tell one of his stories. That's good and all but then in his story, she would go on about a particular person in his story and tell their story. It got a little hard to follow at that point. I don't know why but I felt some of the chapthers in this book were a little confusing. I'm still not quite sure how it ended. I was just lost, I guess. I really didn't care for this book.

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