Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Twilight Series- Stephanie Meyer

Time to read: 4 days

Of course, I had already read these books previously. I did not re-read the Twilight book but I did re-read the Breaking Dawn book. Also, just like all other movies from books, the books are always much better. No difference here with the Twilight Series.

These are really good books, I enjoyed them a lot. I do have to say my favorite book is Eclipse and my least favorite book would have to be Breaking Dawn. I just hate how fast she goes through the Breaking Dawn book. It was so rushed that it was disappointing, to say the least. I do like how she went from Bella to Jacob to Bella's point of view throughout the book but I hate how it is so rushed. I feel like a lot of things are just not explained and there's SOO many new characters and so much going on that you can get lost. I am nervous to see how this last movie turns out. I'm sure they are going to have to add a battle since they definitely don't do that in the book. We will see. Breaking Dawn is definitely my least of the series.

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