Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sarah's Key- Tatiana de Rosnay

Time to read: 4 HOURS

That's right!! It took me 4 hours to get through this book. I know that a lot of my other books were the same but because of work, i had to span it over two days. This book is fantastic! I loved it and it's a book that is not a real happy ending but it's full of emotion and makes you think about life and decisions.

    This book flips back and forth (every other chapter) between a little girl during in Paris, 1942 and a journalist in present day. The girl is a Jew and going through the time when Hitler was in charge but his influence in France. It goes back and forth and once you get the little girls tragic story, it stops and it's all about the present day journalist. She ends up on a road to discovery about her family and herself. It's such an sad story but amazing at the same time.

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