Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Christmas Wedding- James Patterson

Time to read: 1 day

When I checked this book out from the library, the librarian couldn't stop talking about how much she loved this book. I have to say, I had to agree for the most part. It's a quick, fast read and sometimes can be a bit cheesy. It was really heart-warming and a great Christmas feeling story. It's about a women who her husband has passed and children are all out of the house and she keeps in touch through video chats. She decides to tell them all they have to come home for Christmas because she's getting married on Christmas day and tells them it's one of three men. She doesn't even tell the men which one it is, so throughout the story you have to kind of try and figure out like the rest of them which one it will be. This was a great story and very sweet but it wasn't by far one of his best books. I definitely liked some of his other books on my list better.

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