Monday, August 27, 2012

The Drop- Michael Connelly

Days to read: 6 hours

Today was a lazy,rainy day. I finished up another book I was on (non-challenge) and then started the Drop around 2pm. I have to say, I was pretty intrigued from the start. This about a detective who is in a DROP program, which they re-visit cold cases. It starts off with him wanting a case and ends up getting two in one day. One is very politically involved and current and the other is a cold case from 22 years ago. He tries to work both cases at the same time and does it in a way that keeps you hooked. It doesn't get confusing at all and you get caught up trying to figure out both cases! You also get some of the real life scenarios with his daughter and a love interest. It's not a book that's completely all about the cases, but i say this very lightly, it is the premise of the book after all. I really enjoyed this book. It's not the best murder mystery type book out there but it definitely was a good read.  I like that I didn't get bored, like some books will do. You also get a taste of how he is betrayed by his partner and then how they come back from this situation. Also, when he starts to feel  he is out of the game and he should hand in his badge to retire, he realizes what his job is really about and wants to be in for as long as he can.

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