Sunday, July 20, 2014

Beautiful Oblivion- Jamie McGuire


I was really disappointed with this book. I know that she hit the jackpot with Beautiful Disaster and Travis Maddox. This was definitely a book that is trying to soak up all of us who loved the previous book. Lets face it, when she started writing novellas, it was over. A Beautiful Wedding was just bad.
 One of the things that was really annoying, was the character overload. Sheesh! Her roommate and her triangle, off/on again, love/hate drama was just over the top. I know what she was doing. She was setting up for ANOTHER spin-off. It was just all wrong. I started to feel that Cami & Trent were just background characters. It made it hard to connect and learn anything real about them. I was so ready to just put this down so many times when Ray/Brazil started in with their bickering and drama. It was just too much.
  Secondly, Cami's home life. I feel like Jamie McGuire just tried to make her previous series almost the same exact way. She introduces all this family trouble and then when things "hit the fan" nothing comes from it? She just misses the holidays with her family and that's it? Her brothers fight her boyfriend in a parking lot and that cools them off? Her mother totally let her husband attack their daughter with no consequences? Yeah, it was total crap for a plot line. I feel like it was a lot of fluff for her to pop out a few more books in the future.
 Uggghhh. WHY, oh WHY, did she have to ruin Abby's intentions for their marriage in BD?! You definitely get that implication but it's not written in stone. So you can just pretend that it's all love and fairy tales. I know, I know. It never is but STILL this IS fiction! In a few paragraphs she completely shatters that with Abby's phone call to Trent. Just to tell him it was just for cover. She was so hesitant and I felt she was like 100% not wanting to do it from her free will.
 Lastly, there was TOO much Travis/Abby in this book! They EACH got their own book! There really was no need to add all of their drama into this book. I just did not appreciate it. It was like she was trying to just suck every last bit out of their story. We get it, it was a huge hit but now let it go...
 I will not even go into the whole T.J. thing.. Gross.
 Well I will not be picking up the next book in this series. I think that Jamie McGuire has officially shot herself in the foot with this one. Everything you write cannot be about the same characters.

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