Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Landline- Rainbow Rowell

I was pretty surprised to find out this was an adult book. I'm used to her as writing young adult fiction. So when I received this and realized it was an adult book, I wasn't sure how it would turn out. I really enjoyed it. I brought it home from the Library yesterday and finished it this morning.
     It's really a fast read. I'm not sure if it's because it's a smaller size or because I had to just know what was going to happen. You know how they say, you don't know what you have until it's gone? That's exactly what this book is about. How all it takes is some silence and separation and your whole perspective changes. It was great for Neal and Georgie.
 This book is about Neal and Georgie's marriage. They fell in love in college and married shortly after. Fifteen years have passed and they are in a rough spot. She is so wrapped up in her career and he is all about their two daughters, as a stay at home dad. They are more like roommates than husband and wife. Another issue that they have had repeatedly over their marriage is Seth. He's her best friend and writing partner. In fact, she's known him longer than Neal. I think the problem is that Neal sees what Georgie does not, Seth loves her.
    Georgie and Seth have been trying to get their big break for years. It finally has a chance of happening but it could be at a high cost. Neal and Georgie were going to Omaha for Christmas to be with Neal's family. The pilot for her show and more episodes have to be finished a few days after Christmas. So they part ways and Georgie stays home to work the full week of Christmas break. She then starts to realize things about her marriage. After Neal doesn't pick up phone calls for two days straight, she knows this is different. Could it be the end for them? Is this Neal's last straw? When she tries to call from her old phone using a landline, she is surprised to be talking to Neal 1998.
    You don't know if it's divine intervention, a second chance, or a way to fix past mistakes. She has no idea what is going on but the chance to reconnect with past Neal, is all she cares about.
     After realizing many things about their marriage, love, and life together, she knows she's messed up. She then makes a grand gesture because she loves him more than anything. It was so nice to see her make these realizations and figure out what went wrong. I mean, nothing is perfect and marriage is hard work. She knows where her shortcomings are and will try to be better. I think all he needed was to know that she still love him and cared for him. They were in a limbo so long, they forgot how to connect with each other.
I loved that in the end, she did have to choose. It was always an issue with Seth being in the picture. She always told him that if he (Neal) made her choose, it would always be him. He doesn't make her choose but it does happen on it's own. She chooses Neal and it's without a hesitation. The ending.. I just loved it. It was so perfect, not over the top. You could just FEEL how Neal felt and it was fantastic. Great book and I'm looking forward to the next installment from Rainbow Rowell. 

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