Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Walk- Richard Paul Evans

Wow. I read through this whole book in the matter of a few hours. It's a really quick read but it's just so interesting. There was so much little bits of wisdom throughout this book. It's about a guy, who loses everything in about 6 weeks. He had everything, the job, the house, the car, and the wife. The sweet thing about it was how much he loved his wife. She ends up falling off a horse and becoming paralyzed. After her death, just a month later, he makes a hard decision and decides to just.. walk. He starts his journey and he meets some people along the way that also add some wisdom to this book. There are also some people who he meets that will make his journey harder than it already is. There are some amazing quotes in this book that I'll add:

"It is in the dark times that the light of friendship shines brightest.”

“As a boy I heard this story in church.
A man was patching a pitched roof of a tall building when he began sliding off. As he neared the edge of the roof he prayed, "Save me, Lord, and I'll go to church every Sunday, I'll give up drinking, I'll be the best man this city has ever known."
As he finished his prayer, a nail snagged onto his overalls and saved him. The man looked up to the sky and shouted, "Never mind, God. I took care of it myself."
How true of us.”

“The assumption of time is one of humanity's greatest follies. We tell ourselves that there's always tomorrow, when we can no more predict tomorrow than we can the weather. Procrastination is the thief of dreams.”

Those are just a few. I really liked this book. I'm so glad I brought the next two home with me and have started the next book!

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