Thursday, July 10, 2014

Under the Wide and Starry Sky- Nancy Horan

It seems that historical fiction is the new rage. I usually don't mind it but this book I could not get into. It took forever for me to get through and it was just by forcing myself to finish. I found the writing style very boring and the words did not flow. I found a lot of the information over the top and hard to get through.

Fanny and Louis are definitely not a traditional relationship. I'm not even sure I would call it a healthy one. They were both so self-centered. It caused each of them a lot of grief and stress. She was definitely the worse of the two. I couldn't stand her personality. She was so jealous of her husbands published work that she would forcer her own writing on him. She caused the loss of his friends, by forcing her friend to give over her work, so that she could "perfect" it. I admit, it was great of her to take such great care of her husband and to move all over the world with him. I just think that she was very shallow and that in itself, caused many problems. She was always trying appear better off then they actually were. I honestly hope that she was not as bad as she is predicted in this fiction book.

I am SO glad this book is over. It's been such a pain, staring at it on my night stand, without ever wanting to pick it back up. It's finally over. As awful as that sounds, It is the truth. I feel even more let down by such an unfulfilled ending

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