Thursday, July 10, 2014

Walking on Water- Richard Paul Evans

I finally found time to review this..

I loved this whole series. I know it's going to be a series some people will stay away from because Evans is known for his Christian theme. I was so surprised at how well he balanced his views in these books. You can obviously see how Alex grew spiritually throughout this walk. The funny thing is, he doesn't ever really talk about God. You know what Evans is getting at without him being preachy.

This whole series is just an adventure. You will laugh and you will cry. There are some really thought provoking things in each book. I seriously, took a look at things in my life and stopped to enjoy the small things. He meets so many diverse characters on his walk. Some you enjoy and others not so much. All the little tidbits of wisdom and quotes throughout the book make it worth it alone.

Some things were a bit predictable but that's okay. It was definitely a fast read. All the books are thinner and smaller than most, so you get through them quickly.

I recommend this whole entire series! I will be getting these books for my moms birthday. Can't wait to talk about them with her.

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