Thursday, July 10, 2014

Mental Dessert - M.H.J. Rice

I won this from a goodreads, first reads giveaway.
I liked this book and got through it rather quickly. It was less than 3 hours start to finish. It's a very entertaining story. Although, I only give it 3.5 stars.
I liked the time he was at the school and his interactions with the other students. I have to say it was a very non-traditional school and a lot of their lessons for the students were interesting. The author also introduces a lot of abstract thinking, especially in the morning sessions with Stephen. I felt like James learned a lot from just one month there and changed him for the better.
Even though, I liked this book, I had a few issues that bumped it down a star and a half. First, there wasn't much of a development in the supporting characters. All the worries about the "gang in black" and Stephen's new found association with them. I felt like it just was forgotten and it wasn't really resolved. You really didn't learn much about his lunch group, even though, they hung out all the time. To think the relationship he made and you didn't get any of their character background. Also, all the problems with his daughter. I wish he would have had some kind of progress with her. The ending of this book was wrapped up so quickly and I felt like it wasn't satisfying.
Overall, it's a good read and I did enjoy it.

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