Thursday, July 10, 2014

China Dolls- Lisa See

Thanks to Random House Publishing for this ARC. I won this from a goodreads, First Reads, Giveaway. This is my first book by author Lisa See. This is a story about 3 Asian girls who become best friends. They have to deal with sharing the limelight, overcoming horrible pasts and dealing with a lot of racism. I loved the fact that these girls basically saved each other in the beginning. It was interesting to see how they eventually tried to tear each other apart. I always felt that a group of 3 just can't be best friends. Someone always feels left out at some point. It creates a lot of jealousy and that is definitely something addressed throughout this whole book. They all work together as dancers but it was crazy to me how much they each tried to steal the lime light or try to have power over each other. They come to a point where they all just explode and all the secrets and lies come out before a huge performance. This performance is what they all have been dreaming about. What I liked is that the author didn't just brush over it. They do the show and instead of instantly forgiving each other and going onto more stardom, they have to take a break from each other. For me this book was about the struggles and joys of friendship. Another aspect that I found interesting was the complete divide between the Japanese and Chinese people. They had some pretty strong opinions about each other and after Pearl Harbor, they really become more apparent.I found this book interesting and really enjoyed it!

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