Thursday, July 10, 2014

The One- Kiera Cass

Ah!! This book was so cute! I was up until 1:20Am last night because I just couldn't wait to find out how this series ended. I really enjoyed the Selection books. This girl goes to the Selection, not by choice, and is totally up front with Maxon. She gives him the inside scoop and then guess what?! They fall for each other. She takes a lot longer to realize her feelings because of the love triangle. In this book she really knows what she wants. You know she is going to end up with Maxon and you just have to get through all the drama.
The author did an amazing job with America's character. Throughout the whole series she keeps "messing up" because she feels so much differently and sees the world differently than everyone. What she thinks is right, is not right by the King and his standards. She's constantly fighting herself about how to act. I honestly felt so proud! She never did something she didn't feel was right. When she handles the situation with the prisoner, it was so touching. She stays true to herself and in the end she is rewarded.
I'm really happy with how this series ended and it was a fun ride!

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