Thursday, July 10, 2014

City of Heavenly Fire- Cassandra Clare

This is an amazing ending to an awesome series! Seriously, I can't believe Clary's story is now over. What a story it was!
I loved the fact that this book was 700+ pages. I couldn't believe how big the book was for being a teen book. Anyways, I tore through this with a vengeance and was completely immersed into the shadow hunters world. From start to finish, this book is packed with twists and turns. Really, no boring parts a lot of action packed scenes. I was surprised with the size of this book and how she kept the story moving forward.
You get so much more character development in this book. Not only does she introduce many more characters but you have so much attachment to the ones existing. You could just feel their love, pain, sadness, happiness and everything. With Alec & Magnus you could just feel their tension and longing for each other. How they wanted to be with each other but were just so stuck to their own beliefs. With Simon and Isabelle you could feel the longing they had for each other. You could feel how Simon was getting so impatient and frustrated with Isabelle being so closed off. At the same time, she was just so worried that he really felt for Clary the way she wanted him to feel for her. I mean she has good reason because the first few books that's what he is all about- Clary. Just when I thought I couldn't take it anymore, they reveal how they feel. FINALLY! It's been a long time coming! Ever since she turned him into a rat, I knew it was meant to be! :)
Clary and Jace.. what can I say. They are always overcoming some obstacle that keeps them apart in some sort of way in every one of these books. No matter what, they find faith in each other and their love keeps them fighting for their love. It's so refreshing to see a relationship in a book that is not based on a physical side. I mean it's 6 books into this series and it's finally something that happens. That is really impressive from this author! It goes to show you that there really is so much more to them. They really do love each other and would do anything for each other. This whole book is about how he can't even touch her! They touch each other and she is scorched from the heavenly fire. No matter, they find a way to be positive and keep going. I feel in a lot of books, you don't get that anymore. It's all based on how someone is attracted to each other and they fall instantly in love. Not in this book, it's a lot of hard work and it makes it so much more believable.

I loved that we got a lot more of Jocelyn in this book. I always felt she was a huge part of this story because she had the angel and demon babies. That's where it starts. She then takes the cup that starts all of this war. Unknowingly, she was tricked into all of this and we didn't get much of her in previous books. Much more of her character comes out. When she is suffering and holding her son as he is dying, was so moving. All her life she has mourned the loss of a son that never would be because he was born with demon blood. He was brought up out of evil and then turned more evil than his father. Battling with the decision of not killing him the instant she realized what Valentine had done. She still loves him enough to hold him as he dies and mourn him all over. I'm so glad that
Cassandra Claredidn't make light of that. I'm not a mother yet but I couldn't imagine not loving a child even if he is a horrible person.

I was getting worried for Simon. He is such a huge part of this story! For him to sacrifice everything and lose all the people he loves to save them, he's the hero, right? I was so glad that there was a loophole Magnus found to getting his memories back. There's no way he could not be in their future! It would be cruel to have Isabelle finally let someone in and she lose him forever.

I was so glad that it was Clary that defeated Sebastian. You always knew it was going to be a showdown but when it was Jace that had the heavenly fire, I wasn't sure it would be Clary. So I'm glad that it actually worked out that way. I had a feeling she was the one that had the heavenly fire after the desert incident, but I wasn't sure how.

Of course, this book did a great job tying up some loose ends in the prequel series and introducing the spinoff series. With Angels, demons, vampires, werewolves, faerie, warlocks & shadow hunters, there can never be peace for long, right?!! Magnus tries to warn them but of course, they don't listen. SO now we get the glimpse into what the next series will be, who the characters are and why it's happening. I wasn't sure about a spinoff before I read this book but now I can' wait!

Thank you,
Cassandra Clare for an amazing series! I look forward to the next :)

Also, this is the longest review I have ever written and probably will write! lol

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